Monday, March 12, 2012

Hannah don't eat that!!!

Hannah today you had your first, and hopefully last ride in an ambulance.

You were at the babysitters and all of a sudden you started gagging and choking and trying to throw up. Within an hour you had written in the ambulance all the way to the hospital in Idaho Falls. They gave you a little bit of oxygen (like momma had when she had you). You were looking a little better so they let me give you a tiny bit of milk after the oxygen.  Right after you drank it though you threw it up all over the nice warming blanket they had brought you. At first glance (yes we had to dig through your throw up) we didn't see any sort of plastic or wood. Momma thought you seemed to be doing better though because you were blowing raspberries and even giving momma and the doctors a few smiles. After another hour or so a second doctor came in to have a look at your throw up blanket and as soon as he opened it up there it was!

The tiny little piece of plastic from a dvd case wrapper. It was such a long and scary day but it sure makes us love you even more.

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